reshaping talent

“luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” seneca

who are we

work that works


We have decades of experience in business and we have shared in the challenges you are facing:

  • it’s hard to find staff
  • everyone including recruiters are using the same process to find people
  • it is expensive and employers are frustrated with how long it takes to find people 
  • businesses are settling for less than the ideal match.

We believe the talent “shortage” has been created by a traditional view of the “work” and a limited view of the “people” who do the work.

We know it is more than a list of things to do or a set of skills. It is really about businesses and people being fulfilled by delivering on what matters most. It’s businesses and people contributing to the wider society and leaving a legacy. It’s about work that works for everyone!


our team 

Bhavna Champion

Bhavna Champion


My personal interest is to unleash people in work so they can love the work they do; make the difference in business that they are committed to and be fulfilled. 

My career started in the mid-80’s and I worked extensively on numerous start-up projects and new business initiatives. By the very nature of these projects, I knew very early, that a key success was to think outside the square, reshape traditional methods and bring innovative ways of thinking to get the job done. I always look in places where others would not venture and was not willing to leave a single stone unturned. The results have been ground-breaking. Everyone had a sense of accomplishment and achievement beyond what was expected.

I am committed to continue to take the lid off what is deemed to be possible in the workforce and to make a difference and has a lasting and significant impact.  Businesses and people will be left in no doubt of fulfilling on a future beyond what was possible.

Hadas Wittenberg

Hadas Wittenberg


Since starting my career in the early 90’s, I was drawn into the areas of organisational changes, particularly those that were driven by the advancements in technology. The impact of the exponential change challenged the ways I thought and acted as a leader at the front of these changes. Being there, I saw first-hand how more and more people are being left behind.

I am passionate about people’s growth, enabling equal opportunities and an equal voice for everyone. I challenge the status quo, always learn, adapt, and act sustainably. Therefore, what I choose to do today is what makes the difference between what is possible and what is probable.  I love investing my energy engaging in conversations, reading thought-provoking books, and sharing my research findings, ideas and possible solutions. But above all, I am energised by teaming up to innovate and solve complex problems for a better future of work